10 Reasons YOU WILL LOVE 

      Hair By Dina Mobile Stylist

It"s time to get pampered and get your hair done without feeling guilty for compromising your day. So let the salon services come to you and help you better manage your busy schedule. If you prefer a more relaxing experience without the assembly line feeling and impersonal service of a salon, Hair By Dina's mobile hairstyling services is definitely the right fit for you! 

​​1.  FORGET TRAFFIC, DRIVING TIME AND PARKING!! - I come to you and give you back your time!


2. BUSY PROFESSIONALS, YOU CAN WORK WHILE HAVING YOUR HAIR DONE - Accommodating your busy                     schedule and preventing it from bursting out the seems!

3.  STAY AT HOME MOMS - Stay at home with your kids instead of having to find a babysitter.

4.  PRIVACY AND DISCRETION - If you need it.

5.  SENSITIVE TO SALON FUMES - No need to worry! I will come to you and make you look & feel

     great again!

6.  STAY IN YOUR COMFY CLOTHES - No need to worry about dressing up to go to a salon.

7.  NO MORE HECTIC ''ASSEMBLY LINE" RUSH - Like at the salon.

8.  NO PREP WORK REQUIRED - I come fully equipped. So, kick back, relax and enjoy a totally effortless                                transformation.      

9.  AN AFFORDABLE DELIGHT - with competitively priced services that are sanity and time savers

10. NO MESS!! I provide a full clean up. You will never know that I was there except that you look like A Million                      Bucks!!!

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