"Dina does amazing work! She has been doing my hair for five years. Her attention to hair colouring and hi-lighting is superb. I just have to say to her "Can we try something new...maybe lighten it up?" and she knows exactly what to do. She knows me so well! She has an eye for what looks good on me and takes into consideration my personal taste and busy lifestyle when creating my new look. Dina always takes the time to listen to me to ensure she is meeting my needs. She is always willing to help me try new colours and styles. I also love the flexibility her mobile service provides me. It saves me so much time not having to travel to and from the salon. I feel so relaxed and pampered getting my services done at home. I would never hesitate to recommend her to a friend"

Nina Dyer, Government Manager

Ottawa, ON

"I love the one on one personalized service I get from Dina's mobile hairstyling and that I don't have to leave my house! Dina has been my hairstylist for two years now and I have always been happy with everything she has done on my hair. Love my sun kiss highlights!! I feel so comfortable talking with her. Whenever I have a question about my hair colour, cut, hair products or hair care she makes me feel so comfortable and takes her time with me. She knows her stuff!"

Julie Licandro, Government

Ottawa, ON

"I absolutely love the hassle free convenience of the mobile hairstyling service Dina provides. The time saving factor is a big plus! The comfort and privacy of getting my hair done at home really appeals to me!  Dina has been making me look beautiful for over four years and she is so honest about what can and cannot be done to my hair and always suggests alternatives. She is very knowledgeable and is always advising me on how to style and take care of my hair and suggests the right hair products for me to use. I could always count on Dina to provide great service and do great work on my hair!"

June Riggs, Banker

Ottawa, ON

" A Hidden Gem! What a great in home salon experience! I found Dina again after a few years of going to a salon. I missed her touch so I googled Hair By Dina and she popped up! I was so relieved to find her as there is no one else like her! She is such a pleasure to have in my home. She always consults with me to make sure that I get the style I want and makes great recommendations so that I look great. I am so grateful to have Dina back in my life! She's such an expert! The in home salon experience is so relaxing, easy and convenient! Next time I'm going to have Dina service my whole family."

Kate Flanagan, Property Manager

Ottawa, ON

"Her hair cutting techniques are amazing. My hair always sits right and styles easy for at least six weeks! Dina has been my hairstylist for 10 years and she is so passionate about her work and always over delivers. I like that we try different things on my hair every time. I also like the way she pays such close attention to what I want to do with my hair and always gives me the right advice. When she started her mobile hairstyling service we were so happy to try it out! We will never want to go back to a salon! While my hair colour is processing Dina cuts my husband's hair and I get to go back and continue my work. What a time saver for both of us. We have two kids and busy work lives which gives us very little spare time. Thank you Dina for making us look great and saving us time and energy!!"

Ioanna Koustos, Self Employed

Ottawa, ON

"I've been seeing Dina for approximately 20 years now so I was super excited to hear about her mobile hair service!! It was an amazing experience having the salon treatment in my own home! Not only did I book my own appointment, but also appointments for my kids! Having the ability to have my whole family styled and looking gorgeous by Dina in my own home is fabulous! A+++"

Christina Leek

Ottawa, ON

"I love Dina! She has been performing magic on me for over 15 years. When she went mobile my mother-in law and I were so excited to try it! We love not having to rush, fight traffic and look for parking to get our hair done. She comes to us!! I especially like the personal touch, comfort and tranquility of getting my hair serviced in my own home. Dina is a great listener and offers great advice on hairstyles, colours, hi-lights and more. She is very talented, thorough and pays attention to the smallest detail. I look so good and feel so great every single time she touches my hair! She is my hairstylist for life!"

Maria Vyaznikova, Research Scientist

Ottawa, ON

"Dina is a miracle on wheels!!! Her mobile salon service is fantastic! It has made my life so much easier and stress free! Dina has been making me look great and feel revived for almost 2 years. She is a true professional who is very talented and knows hair colours and is always open to new hairstyling/colouring ideas. The mobile service experience is very peaceful and rejuvenating. For me, getting my hair serviced at home is way better than a salon. You just can't beat the convenience and personalized touch her mobile salon service offers."

Chantal Sarazin

Ottawa, ON

"Her haircuts are excellent! This is why Dina has been doing my hair for four years. I have curly hair and it can be challenging to find someone that understands it. She really knows how to properly cut curly hair and make me look great. Ever since she went mobile it’s been bliss! It’s hassle free and saves me time so I can get more done in my day.  She's warm and up beat and always leaves me feeling very positive and relaxed." 

Cindy Cooper, Respitory Therapist

Ottawa, ON

" I love Dina's work! I have been seeing Dina for approximately 20 years. When I heard she was going mobile I got very excited for her new venture. I must say that I love having my hair done at home. It is so convenient and stress free! Dina always makes me look great. She is very honest and knowledgeable and always gives me her expert opinion regarding suitable hair styles and colours that really suit me. I will never forget the day I wanted to go deep red with highlights. It was so gorgeous, they looked like flames. I also really love the convenience and time saving perks that her mobile service offers!"

Samantha Mason, QA Engineer

Ottawa, ON

"My overall feeling of Dina and her work is that she is wonderful! Her mobile hairstyling service is a wonderful and perfect fit for anyone who wants to be pampered at their home.  She has been making my hair look gorgeous for fourteen years. Her colour combinations please me totally and regularly. I trust Dina's beauty advice and I know that I will be satisfied and pleased every time. She is very consistent with the quality of her work and always makes me feel very relaxed."

Elizabeth Meggison, Retired

Ottawa, ON

"Dina is such a professional, and she always utilizes her expertise to make me look great and feel superb. She has been providing my hair services for over four years. She is so friendly and approachable you can't help but be drawn to her. It is so great having my hair done at home instead of having to venture out in the cold winter air and traffic. Dina remembers everything about my hair so I don't have to explain what I want. She never disappoints and always gives me great hair colours, lowlights, cut & style. It is a pleasure having her in my home! Not only does she do fantastic work but she cleans up before leaving. Can't beat that!"

Karen Myrah, Librarian

Ottawa, ON

"I love the convenience of having Dina come to my home. I don't need to travel to a salon! - Saves Me Time!!!  I also love that Dina takes great care to ensure that my hair colour and cut are exactly what I want. I started getting my hair done by Dina about four years ago. She is so friendly and personable and very easy to talk with and I enjoy catching up when she comes over to do my hair. It's so nice to be able to be in my own relaxed environment. I really like that while I wait with my hair dye in my hair I can be productive around the house; as well as when my daughter is with me she is able to play with her own toys at home."

Ellen Waxman, Teacher

Ottawa, ON

"My husband and I have been have been seeing Dina for over four years. We are always super happy with her work! She is a true professional. When she went mobile we were thrilled. We don't have to leave our house and I don't have to dress up to go to a salon!!! It's a very convenient service for us! I love my hairstyles! I show Dina a picture and she cuts it exactly like it."

Cathy Casselman, Self Employed

Ottawa ON

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